Amber Harris
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On 16th January 2006 we found out we were pregnant. We were so excited, ecstatic, delighted so happy, and thrilled to bits. A baby so much longed for. A baby so much wanted and needed was on its way. 

My pregnancy was wonderful I had no problems I was just my normal self only with a growing tummy. My Mum noticed that I had a bit of a temper but other than that I enjoyed being pregnant.

At my 12 week scan baby was healthy 2 days small but very active kicking and doing lots of somersaults. My husband and I were in love. At 20 weeks old we found out we were going to have a baby girl. I was convinced bump was a boy but my hubby dreamt of bump and in his dream bump was a girl so we were thrilled to bits. 

One beautiful summer’s day we watched the sun setting as we laid in our hammock in the back garden together and my hubby said what do you think of the name Amber. It was that day that we named our bump Amber Rose. 

My hubby played with Amber every night whilst I slept. Some nights I had to tell him to stop it because when he fell asleep I was left with a very excited baby not wanting to sleep. Amber loved her Daddy just the sound of his voice got her all excited in my belly he knew exactly what to do to get her wriggling kicking and punching. 

At 38 weeks after a 12 hour labour Amber Rose was born weighing 5 lbs 7. How perfect Amber Rose was no wrinkles just beautiful like an angel. Amber Rose was a very good baby she was very alert and liked to sit on my lap whilst we ate. She loved to watch what we were doing and didn’t like to be left out. Amber Rose was extremely impatient for her bottle and hated having to get breast milk out herself she preferred it being expressed. A real little madam. 

Amber Rose feed every 2 hours and before we knew it she was over 8lbs. The Health visitor mentioned she was doing very well and going through a growth spurt. Amber Rose was such a content baby girl and only cried for her bottle she was a blessing a baby sent from heaven. 

Sadly my husband and I lost our beautiful bonnie healthy baby girl to septicaemia meningitis suspect cause, group b strep late onset. 

Amber Rose was only 4 wks old when she got fatally sick and past away with a strong fight at 5 weeks old. One day she was healthy and full of beans and the next day she was fighting for her life. 

We are devastated and totally horrified that no one mentioned this killer disease to us. All Mothers and Fathers should be aware of Group B Strep. 

I feed Amber just after 12:00 noon and she did not finish her feed not unusual for Amber as some days she finished her bottle and other days she didn’t. I put her down near me she woke about 14:00 and started screaming. I took her downstairs and tried to console her but nothing worked. Amber projectile vomited her feed twice and she did not seem to like to be touched as I tried to change her so I just held her in my arms. Her cries were high pitched and I knew there was something wrong with her she seemed to moan allot and her breathing seemed strange too. We called our GP for an appointment they told us to wait and see if things stayed the same. I waited! I wish I never did that. I should have called the ambulance. I called back and they said to come down to the surgery. When the GP saw Amber he said 'ummmmm she may just have a bad cold coming on but take her to Hospital'. We drove as fast as we could and got stuck in traffic for 2 hours by the time we got Amber Rose seen by someone who then again took their time Amber Rose was unresponsive and in shock. Amber had eyes of death I will never forget them. 

The treatment Amber received at the hospital was impeccable once she was seen, they called St Thomas who came with all their equipment to pick Amber Rose up and take her to their PICU unit where she stayed for 6 days until she took her last breaths. It took St Thomas a long time to stabilise Amber Rose for her transfer and when they did we got in the ambulance and she remained calm all the way to the hospital. 

It took days for them to stabilise Amber Rose. Every morning we woke and went to see her and every day we got worse news than the day before. Amber Rose was on so many drips that she even had one in her head. Amber Rose swelled up so much that she was unrecognisable. It was so sad watching her everyday. We hardly ate and most days were filled with tears total despair, deep pain and heartache. St Thomas was kind enough to give us a room to stay in for the time we were there. 

Eventually they managed to stabilise Amber Rose and Amber Rose was breathing on her own, her blood gas was good but the head consultant sat us down and told us that her brain would be devastated from the bacteria. We asked for an MRI scan, which they did and the results were devastating as the head consultant said. Her cortex was like a piece of lace. Her brain had so many holes caused by not enough oxygen due to the blood poisoning. 

We finally had to make the horrible decision of taking her off the ventilator as she was breathing on her own. Unfortunately the damage to her brain was so severe and irreversible that I knew in my heart that taking her off the ventilator meant she was going to die. It was the hardest decision of our lives and one I did not want to make but eventually we had to do it, as Amber Rose was now just an extension to the ventilator. Not a life for anyone. When the doctor came round to remove the ventilator I wanted to lock the door and not let her in. 

Once the ventilator was removed I was terrified but we sat with Amber we bathed Amber I changed her nappy and what broke my heart was the way the wee trickled out usually she would always wee on me before she got ill. As soon as I opened her wet nappy she would spray me with wee. But now all it was was a trickle. We hugged Amber we kissed her. St Thomas moved a bed in so we could stay with her all night. We sung to her we read her the three little pigs we held her hand we hugged her and kissed her. 

Amber Rose breathed for 12 hours and I am so proud of her. Our baby girl was a fighter but the last 4 hours she was gasping and choking for air. It was so terrible to watch the child that you gave birth to struggle for every breath. I eventually stopped praying for God to give her back to me and I started to pray to God to take her away. A Mother and Fathers worst nightmare. We both died with her that morning 11 October 2006. 

It’s the worst thing that could have ever happened to us. We are numb with pain, not a day goes by without tears. We long to hold her we miss her so much. We are totally lost without her. From a very busy active day to nothing, no baby, no cries for a feed just emptiness and silence. Her room is still as she left it. We keep the door closed, as her room still smells of her. I wish her door were open and Amber Rose was still here. 

We are totally angry that so many of us who are starting families are oblivious to this illness. Our health visitor was not sure what exactly Group B Strep is!!! I mean this is totally unacceptable she comes round to check everything is well with Mother and baby and she did not know about Group B Strep. Our GP didn't know either and I am sure the doctors who first saw Amber Rose did not know because they first thought that she had heart problems. 

I carried Amber down to the mortuary where she painfully stayed for 2 days while we arranged for the undertakers to collect her. I carried Amber into the church and to her resting place, it was the least I could do for her as she fought so hard for us. This was the easy part, living without her is the hardest. 

This is the poem we wrote & I read out at her funeral

Amber Rose after 9 months of anticipation you came early and took us by surprise
Amber Rose you are the light of our lives
You are the brightest star in the sky.
Amber Rose when you cried we cried
Your smiles made our hearts sing
Your grunts warmed our souls
When u slept we watched you in awe and wonder
You are the cutest sweetest baby in the world.

What little time we spent with you was the best time of our lives and nothing can take that away. 

There is only so much words can say and there isn’t any words to say how much we are going to miss you.

Amber Rose we never knew how empty life would be without you until now. 

We prayed for a miracle from all over the world and I guess all we can accept now is the miracle that you came to us at all.

We love you with all our hearts and souls
Until we meet again.

Love Mummy’s Little Princess & Daddy’s Milk Monster.

Now instead of us enjoying our little girl growing up and getting bigger we go to her grave and tend to her flowers. It’s the worst pain you can imagine. 

Sleep in peace baby girl, eternally in our hearts loved and missed forever.


This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Amber Harris who was born in United Kingdom on September 05, 2006 and passed away on October 11, 2006 . We will remember her forever.
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